I am a firm believer in mental and physical health and through this blog i will be posting products from Avon and giving anyone and everyone tips , tricks and tutorials  on how to’s on broad areas that will make you look beautiful and feel it also. As a Avon rep it is very important to me that anyone buying from me will feel that way with continous orders of your favorite skin , hair and makeup products you’ll feel empowered and fierece. Sometimes you want to stick to your own beauty routine , thats why Avon is ABSOLUTELY amazing so if your looking to give your home some life Avon is perfect for that to.  So click the near by links to get started on your journey while watching me go through mine.


Avon Sales Rep

New generation Avon is here! There are tons of new recruiters including myself! I am just starting out and very new to this and feel very shy and nervous about it. Living in small town where you know very limited people can be difficult so I depend on social media. My passion and drive for makeup , clothing and jewelry is out of this world! Dealing with hardships can really put your back against the wall but Avon is the perfect way to find yourself and meet new people and really put yourself outside your comfort zone. Watch me through out this journey I’m about to take and lets support each other in whatever we do!